Opera til Folket

Visual identity

Opera til Folket, (Opera to the People), is an organization that provides opera in a laidback atmosphere. We were approached to make a modern identity that reflects the organization.

A collaboration with Petter Bergundhaugen and Ragnhild Mellbye.

Made at Westerdals, autumn of 2013.

Opera is passion and lust, and can be extreme at times. We wanted the identity to reflect sensuality and therefore made a logo portraying an open mouth, singing the logotype. The identity was supposed to be: extreme, down to earth and sensual.

Picture of a female opera singer, animated with a pattern that emphasizes the vibrato used in opera, to make the identity stand out even more.

A set of pictograms were made to make it easier for people to know the main topic of the opera, along with the language and duration.